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Look Local Behind the Scenes

You’ve signed up for advertising in Look Local Magazine, now what happens?

Submit your print-ready, 300 dpi ad to us or the Look Local design team will create an ad for your approval, based on your website, social media pages and/or images and content you provide.

Mid-month prior to each issue, we begin the process of ad layout for each Edition, with careful consideration to proper color and saturation disbursement, avoiding coupon overlap, rotating ad placement and many other quality checkpoints. After a thorough proofreading process and edits if necessary, Look Local Magazines are submitted to print. Within 24 hours, the Look Local team is supplied with a final printed sample of each Edition for one final review.  Once this final proofing is complete, Look Local Magazines experience their week-long process of pre-press, printing, binding, cutting and bundling.

The magazines are neatly stacked on pallets in mailing trays and the Look Local team steps in to add the postal paperwork that identifies the mailboxes receiving that issue.  We also personally transport them to our local U.S. Post Office central processing facility, where they are weighed, counted and processed.  Finally, each Edition is transported / hand-delivered to each individual post office by Look Local owners, Greg and Carla.  We touch every magazine, multiple times, to ensure quality and distribution as promised.

Within 24-48 hours of mailing, your potential customers are retrieving their Look Local Magazines from their mailboxes!


Distribution Information

Our carefully-selected distribution is comprised of higher-value neighborhoods in Seminole County. Each Edition is mailed to 30,000 addresses, two subsets of 15,000 addresses rotated through the year.  This staggered distribution offers several benefits to Look Local advertisers, including: (1) the opportunity to modify ads to accommodate seasonal offers or special short-term promotions; (2) repetitious exposure to a significant number of local residents; and (3) reader anticipation and excitement to receive Look Local Magazine in their mailbox, not received so frequently that interest is lost over time.  Look Local Magazine is also e-mailed monthly to subscribers, promoted via social media and personally at local events throughout the year.

Precisely Where We Mail

Edition 1

Ed 1 Detailed Map

Lake Mary/Heathrow – 32746 (20,000 mailboxes)
Sanford – 32779 (10,000 mailboxes)

Edition 2

Ed 2 Detailed Map

Oviedo / Chuluota – 32765/66 (20,000 mailboxes)
Winter Springs – 32708 (10,000 mailboxes)

Current Magazines

Edition 1Lake Mary,
& Sanford

Edition 2Oviedo,
Winter Springs
& Chuluota

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What Our Clients Say

We have been working with Look Local since 2013. We do not continue to work with advertisers unless we see results. It's going on our third year now. We also enjoy working with Carla. She is very personable. The design team is great and doesn't disappoint. Being designers and remodelers, we understand how much a design and layout of a product makes the difference. We appreciate the aesthetic value that Look Local offers which we believe attracts clients to our business. It also has proven successful to continue our advertising for brand awareness. We would definitely recommend working with them.
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