Are you an expert in your field?

We want to hear from you…and so do our readers!
2019 is an exciting year for Look Local Magazine.  We are now offering business owners the opportunity to further promote themselves and their companies through written Editorials.  We have different options available to help you achieve your branding goals.  Check them out:

Local Expert Editorial

This option allows you the opportunity to showcase your expertise by entertaining readers with an interesting article.  Choose a topic within your business category and write away!  This can be in the form of a real-life story or experience, tips and tricks that everyone should know, or perhaps a dos and don’ts to keep readers informed. Be creative!

Branding yourself as an expert is a powerful thing.  Allowing our readers to get to know you, expressing your personality and portraying your wealth of knowledge will inevitably lead to increased revenue for your business.  You are making them WANT to do business with you, WANT to meet you and WANT to learn more from you.

Look Closer Editorial

This option allows you the opportunity to promote your business by informing readers what makes you and/or your company the best in town!

Every business has something unique to offer customers, something they do the best, or an owner with a long list of achievements.  Use this opportunity to highlight what makes your business distinctive and special.  Does your business donate a portion of proceeds to charity?  Have you been featured as an expert on TV? Do you have a money back guarantee that your service professionals will be on time?  Tell the community all about it with a Look Closer Editorial.

Author: Carla Hogan

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